October 13, 2007

Brook Benton - Give Me A Sign (Epic Lp) '59

Brook Benton (Benjamin Franklin Peay) Has A Long Musical History

I love this guys voice. His nick name back home was;
"The Man With The God Given Voice"
I don't know if this name came over from the US but that's how he was called. Listening to this song you'll understand why, right from the start.
Brook, to me, is among the greatest voice that ever recorded. This song is from his Epic album "At His Best" from 1959.
The album and some extra songs are on this CD Only_1_Cent

His first solo recordings where in 1955. The story goes that Brook Benton recorded over 500 demo's for songwriters and recordings studio's (many of them for Clyde Otis) before he himself made it as a singer.
I've always wondered which songs he did and which singers recorded those demo's eventually. I hope someday these demo's will be found and put on a cd for all to hear.
In my search on information I found the following:

An Interesting Essay On Brook Benton by Dr. Herwig Gradischnig, this is a great essay. I can say I feel the same way about Brook Benton his voice and his songs. I could have written this :-). When you open this link, all the orange links at the top of the page, give you other interesting info on Brook Benton

The Song: Give Me A Sign by The Man With The God Given Voice

A Clip from the Movie Mr Rock & Roll

If Only I Had Known (Vik)

October 10, 2007

Ken Boothe-Strait Of Gibraltar (Studio One)'68

Ken_Boothe_Site_Discography & General_Information

Ken Boothe started recording in 1963 at the age of 12 as a duo. He had already been in the "business" before that.

Ken is still active and has gone into gospel to.

Many Caribbean/South American artist did not make it outside there own musical region. Of the few that made it Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jimmy James and Laurel Aitken are the best known.

One of my coming posts will be on Jimmy James and the original Jamaican version of "Come To Me Softly" released in 1963 long before the US version hit the market.

AN OTHER DEEPIE - Strait Of Gibraltar

from the Studio One 1968 album

October 08, 2007

Billy "Country Boy" Young - He Can Never Love You (Like I Do) Joyja 244

Love this soul man and his voice, he wrote some great deepies for us. Todays song
really gets to me every time I play it (which I do quiet often)

Here's A Great_Blog_With_Billy_Young_Post_&_Downloads

Billy Young owned his own record label (Joyja). This song was released on that label. But he was discovered by Otis Redding and recorded on Otis his Jotis label in 1965.
Billy Young died on August 18, 1999.