November 09, 2007

J.P. Robinson - Only Be True To Me (Alston 45-4570a)

When the voice of this man comes from the speakers of my system I always stop with whatever I'm doing.
What a voice, intense and pouring with emotions.

I found an article describing how people experienced him during recording. I think that's what I hear in his voice and it always gets to me each time I hear his voice.

>According to Willie Clarke, "J. P. seemed to go berserk at the microphone. He was so caught up in the feel of his songs, at times we thought we would have to hit him with a bat to calm him down. He was electric!" When he was going to do a recording session, people would try to get in on it to watch him work. His sessions were like watching a show.

Willie got the idea to write "Hot Love", in which you can easily hear Robinson's energy in the lyrics. Robinson was an instant sensation with the release of the hit 45 single, "I Got My Thing On A String."<

J.P.Robinson - Only Be True To Me

November 07, 2007

Springer & the Barons - Oh Babe (Wirl B-358b)'74

An other great Caribbean ballad.
This group is from Barbados but I'm not a 100% sure.
The lead singer is V.Gittens.
Any additional info I can find I'll place on a later date. If you have any please feel free to ad it in the comments for all to see, or send me an email.
I'm interested in sources regarding this beautiful music from the Caribbean and the region so if you have any or know of sites, books etc etc etc feel free to inform me/us.

November 05, 2007

Billy Frazier - Try Me (Verve 10501b) '67

An other soul singer I could not find much information on. Here's a scan of the flip side of this 45 an other fine deep ballad from a man with a great soul voice.

What I could find is that Billy also had 45's on the Imperial, Capitol and Music World label.

Billy Frazier – Try Me ..........DOWNLOAD LINK