October 15, 2009

D & Joe - Alone In The Chapel DETO-2875b

Dee Wolf 1942 - 2000


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I lived with Dee Wolf for 5 years - June 1995 until September 2, 2000(when he died)in Memphis, Tennessee. He told me the story of Alone in the Chapel which he recorded with his friend, Joe. Shortly after the recording he appeared on a television show in Memphis, Tennessee and decided that television was much better than records alone. He broke his recording contract and went to New York where he literally walked into ABC and told them he wanted a tv show. At that time, there were no black tv hosts (before soul train...after Nat King Cole). He got a 13 week series which was a variety show where he introduced such talents as Bobby Womack (his first tv appearance), the Chi-Lites, the Stylistics (their first tv appearance). He did shows in Toledo, Ohio; Memphis, Tennessee; and Eugene, Oregon, where he met me. After 3 years in Eugene, we came to Memphis and did the show there in 1998. We had the Chi-Lites on the show in Memphis and they had 2 background vocalists. One was Bobby Womack's sister and the other was Vanessa Williams' sister. One day we were riding in the elevator at The Claridge House, where we lived in Memphis, and this man said, "Oh, my God! You are Dee Wolf, aren't you?" When Dee answered yes, the man said, "You sang with my uncle, Joe, of Dee and Joe." It is a small and amazing world! So yes, Dee & Joe were a 'one hit wonder' group in the 1960's. Dee had lived down the street from where Barry Gordy started Motown. He knew all the Motown hopefuls, and he told me many stories about those days.

Thanks for sharing this with us Soriana, love your site.

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I don't know nothing and could not find anything about this duo. This might be their only release on this Detroit based label and probaly their only release ever. There's not much info on the label either. There where only 13 releases of which 4 have also been released on the "Music Now" label.
It's probably a late 60's release. I found one copy being sold in Japan for $150.-

The flip (see scan) is a funky northern tune. Both sides are written by the same songwriters. Maybe D.Wolf is one of the singers. Who knows?

October 14, 2009

Arthur Conley Unpluged on Dutch TV

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Mp3 extracted from the video clip without the intro

UNPLUGED Arthur Conley – Nothing Can Change This Love (Dutch TV)

October 13, 2009

Soul Stirrers ft Martin Jacox - Lift Him Up '89


lots of goodies over there