October 26, 2007

James Dudley & The Dee Jays - What A Man Will Do(When He Loves A Woman) Chess 1995a

This song is something in the style of Bobby Patterson's "Let Them Talk". A nice ballad with some great organ sweetly going through the song. The flip of which you can see a scan is not bad too. Done by a duo Peter & Leon (probably band members). I could not find any information on this duo.According to my info (which I could not check) James Dudley also recorded as James Dee on Enrica.

Get It Here: James Dudley What A Man Will Do

October 24, 2007

Oscar Harris & The Twinkle Stars - Try A Little Love (Blue Elephant LP 899.002)

Oscar Harris to many is the most successful singer from Suriname. He left for The Netherlands in the mid 60's and started a group called "The Twinkel Stars".The group consisted of Suriname musicians who left their country mostly for study purposes.
In 1968 they where joined by Billy Jones who had been stationed in Germany for the US army and decided not to return back home.

Before leaving his native country Oscar had local hits that where never recorded but put on tape at a local radio station. There's information that some of these recordings are now owned by a Suriname collector in Holland.
His first 45 was a hit called "T O P" in 1969 with the Twinkle Stars.
Todays song was his second hit and made it in many countries in Europe, South Africa, Indonesia, The Caribbean & South America. Oscar never made it in the US this song was released there but it failed.

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Oscar Harris at the right front and Billy Jones at the center of one of there album covers.

Oscar left the group in 1973 for a successful solo career. Jones stayed with the group and released 2 great albums (both collectors albums) with them before leaving in 1980, he passed away 2 years later.
Oscar is still performing and doing well.

Download > Try A Little Love Oscar Harris & The Twinkle Stars

I'll be doing a post on Billy Jones in the near future. He's got some great covers and originals on his 2 albums. Billy also co-wrote some songs with Oscar Harris.

October 22, 2007

Jimmy Taylor - My Woman(Pompeii 6674a)

I don't know much about this Soul Singer and the Label this song was released on. Except it was an Atlantic sub, and distributed by Atco. There where 10 albums released and some 39 singles

Pompeii Album Discography

This songs is a deep ballad and it's sung very intense.
Don't you just love the guitars.

Get the song here: MY WOMAN