October 22, 2007

Jimmy Taylor - My Woman(Pompeii 6674a)

I don't know much about this Soul Singer and the Label this song was released on. Except it was an Atlantic sub, and distributed by Atco. There where 10 albums released and some 39 singles

Pompeii Album Discography

This songs is a deep ballad and it's sung very intense.
Don't you just love the guitars.

Get the song here: MY WOMAN


Anonymous said...

Definitely a beautiful song. He sounds like a soft edition of Otis Redding: the same emotionality only without any grittiness or rough edges.
Thanks for posting it.


The Stepfather of Soul said...

The Pompeii label was owned by Ike Turner, hence the predominance of Ike & Tina records on the label. There's a CD comp (it's probably a boot) called "Abreast of Soul" that you can find at Dusty Groove America or other online retailers.