December 21, 2007

The Uniques - Merry Christmas Baby(and a Happy New Year to) Demand-3950a

Let me start by wishing You & Your Loved Ones all the best for the coming Christmas Days and lot's of Health and Peace for 2008.

This will be my last post in the X-mas & New Years series.
Todays group was together from 1961 until 1971, when their lead singer went solo.

It's a doo-wop ballad with a talking part about halfway into the song. The Uniques never committed them self to one style and are basically put in the "Blue Eyed Soul" corner.

December 19, 2007

Little Johnnie Taylor - Please Come Home For Christmas(Galaxy)

A bluesy deep soul ballad. From the above CD "The Galaxy Years"

Hope she'll be home soon, cause you can feel the hurt...........

December 14, 2007

Ike Turner's Kings Of Rhythm(ft Ike Turner) - My Love (Sue722)'59

Original title: Ike before Tina

Izear Luster Turner, known forever as Ike, was born in 1931 in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Following his pursuit of musical interests he journeyed up the river to West Memphis, Arkansas, to play his trade in a number of blues clubs across the river from the big city of the Mid-South. Turner as a teenager was proficient on both the piano and guitar and entered the R & B scene of greater Memphis. Hanging out on Beale Street and other Black environs of the area, young Ike came in contact with Riley "B.B." King who was developing into a top talent both on record and with a local radio show. He connected Turner with the man who ran the Memphis Recording Service on Union Avenue, Sam Phillips. Turner strove to come up with an original song to record for Phillips and his fledgling label Sun Records.

In the early summer of 1951, Ike and his combo known as The Kings Of Rhythm were ready with an original song called "Rocket 88". The tune, a boogie rock number, was sung by sax player Jackie Brenston with some hard charging sax breaks. The tune was seen to have huge potential and was leased to Chess Records in Chicago which soon released the tune on # 1458 as by Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats. The flip side was "Come Back To Where You Belong". There has never been a satisfactory explanation for the misnaming of the artists on this important recording. The very next release by Chess on # 1459 was "I'm Lonesome Baby" and "Heartbroken And Worried" and listed as by Ike Turner & The Kings Of Rhythm.

Chess then released a followup to "Rocket 88" which was called "My Real Gone Rocket" and a flip side called "Tuckered Out" on # 1469 which again was misnamed as by Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats. A subsequent Chess recording on # 1472 was "Juiced" and the flip by Ike on piano called "Independent Woman". Ike also appeared on a Howlin Wolf record for Chess on "How Many More Years" on # 1479. In July of 1951 Modern Records in Los Angeles announces the signing of Jackie Brenston and Ike Turner. The first appearance on Modern is on piano behind Robert Bland (Bobby "Blue") on Modern # 848 on the songs "Dry Up Baby" and "Crying All Night Long". Late in 1951 Ike is on piano again for a series of recordings by Howlin Wolf recorded for Modern subsidiary RPM Records. The sides are "Riding In The Moonlight" on RPM # 333, "Passing By Blues" / "Crying At Daybreak" on # 340, and "My Baby Stole Off" / "I Want Your Picture" on # 347. There was one last record in 1951 for Chess as by Ike Turner & His Kings Of Rhythm. This was "Heartbroken And Worried" and "I'm Lonesome Baby" on # 1496.

In 1952, Meteor Records of Memphis, also a subsidiary label of Modern issues # 5006 as by Sonny Blair - "Please Send My baby Back Home" and "Gonna Let You Go". Ike Turner plays piano on "Please" and guitar on the flip side. The vocalist on the record is reportedly Baby Face Turner, not Blair who plays harp on the songs. In May Ike Turner records "Trouble And Heartaches" and "You're Driving Me Insane" on RPM # 356 as by Ike with the Ben Burton Orchestra from Monroe, Louisiana. In August of 1952 Bonnie & Ike Turner recorded "Looking For My Baby" and "My Heart Belongs To You" on RPM # 362. In October Ike Turner is named a talent representative for Modern Records in the South based in his hometown of Clarksdale, Mississippi. Ike played piano on Houston Boines "Superintendent Blues" / "Monkey Motion" on RPM # 364 and "Good Morning Baby" / "My Sweet Woman" with Drifting Slim on # 370. Also in 1952 Turner records for the new Modern short lived offshoot label called Blues & Rhythm Records. There is "Going Home" / "Relations Blues" by Houston Boines on # 7001, "If You Feel Froggish" / "Whole Heap Of Woman" by Brother Bell on # 7002, and "Rabbit Blues" / "No Riding Blues" by Charley Booker on # 7003.

In 1952 Turner was a permanent part of the Modern/RPM studio session band. On piano for "Bad Women Bad Whiskey" / "You're My Angel" by Little Jr. Parker on Modern # 864, on guitar and piano for Bobby "Blue" Bland's "Good Lovin" / "Drifting From Town To Town" on # 868, Ben Burton's "Bee Hive Boogie" and "Blues And Jam" on # 871, Charley Booker's "Moonrise Blues" / "Charley's Boogie Woogie" on # 878, "Everybody's Talking" and "Love Is A Gamble" by Mary Sue on # 880, guitar with Baby Face Turner's "Blue Serenade" and "Gonna Let You Go" on # 882, and finally with B.B. King on "Story From My Heart And Soul" and "Boogie Woogie Woman" on Modern # 374. It was quite a year for Ike Turner as he became a top presence in the field of R & B recording.

Ike Turner began the year of 1953 as session piano player with Ben Burton on the songs "Lover's Blues" and "Cherokee Boogie" on Modern # 894. He joins Elmore James & The Broomdusters on Flair # 1022 for "Please Find My Baby", and a record released by Rockin Records part of the King Records company in Cincinnati under the name "Royal Brent" which is reported to be a possible Ike Turner recording on the tunes "Sugar Bun" and "Danny Boy". Ike ends up the year 1953 with two recordings back in Memphis for the Sun Records label - "A Prisoner's Prayer" by The Prisonaires on Sun # 191, and "Beggin My Baby" and "Somebody Told Me" by Little Milton on # 194.

In 1954 Ike Turner does some further session work on piano for Sun Records. "No Teasing Around" and "If Loving Is Believing" on # 195 by Billy "The Kid" Emerson, "Alone And Blue" / "If You Love Me Baby" on # 200 by Little Milton. Ike switches to guitar for "I'm Not Going Home" / "The Woodchuck" by Emerson on # 203, and "The Snuggle" and "Bourbon Street Jump" by Raymond Hill on Sun # 204. Once again part of the group Elmore James & His Broomdusters with a release on Flair # 1031 - "Hand In hand" and "My Dreams Come True", followed by two releases on Checker Records out of Chicago. "Stay At Home" / "Sinner's Dream" with Eugene Fox on # 792 and "Nobody Seems To Want Me" and "Nothing But Money" with Jesse Knight & His Combo on # 797. Back on the West Coast, the very busy Ike Turner records for RPM under the name "Lover Boy" with "The Way You Used To Treat Me" and "Love Is Scarce" on # 409. The next release for RPM on # 410 is by Lonnie "The Cat" with the Bobby Hines band including Ike on piano with "The Road I Travel" and "I Ain't Drunk". "The Dream parts 1 and 2" by "The Fox" on RPM #420 is by Eugene Fox and Ike Turner. Johnny Wright with the Ike Turner Orchestra records "I Was In St. Louis" and "I Stayed Down" on DeLuxe # 6029. By summer Clayton Love joins Modern Records and records "Why Don't You Believe Me" and "Wicked Little Baby" with Ike on piano on # 929.

Another new name for Modern is Dennis Binder who records "I Miss You So" and "Early Times" with Ike in the session band on piano on # 930. Matt Cockrell records "Gypsy Blues" and "Baby Please" with Ike for Flair # 1037 and "Night Howler" and "My Heart Is In Your Hands" by Billy Gale & his Orchestra on Flair # 1038. Ike records again with Elmore James & His Broomdusters on "Sho Nuff" and "1839 Blues" on # 1039, and a Flair release under his own name - "Cubano Jump" and "Loosely" on # 1040. The last in a line of Flair recordings is "You Were Untrue" and "Baby Wants" by the vocal group The Flairs with backup band led by Ike Turner. In late 1954 Turner takes the name "The Sly Fox" for two vocal recordings for Lieber & Stoller's Spark Records. "Hoo Doo Say" and "Tired Of Begging" on Spark # 108, and "My Four Women" and "Alley Music" on # 112

1955 was the year that rock 'n roll began to take over the music scene in the United States. Ike Turner was still a main session pianist and guitarist for many various R & B record labels and backing many different artists plus a recording of his own every now and then. He began the year with a return to Sun records behind Little Milton with "Looking For My Baby" and "Homesick For My Baby" on Sun # 220. After that it was back to the West Coast and the Bihari Brothers labels - Modern, RPM, and Flair. Ike got a chance to record under his own name with "Cuban Getaway" and "Go To It" on Flair # 1059. He then backed up vocalist Johnny Wright late in the year on "Suffocate" and "The World Is Yours" on RPM # 443. On # 446 his band backed up the vocal group The Trojans on "As Long As I Have You" and "I Wanna Make Love To You" on # 446. Ike ends the year with a Richard Berry record of "Big John" and "Rockin Man" on # 448.

In March of 1956 Vita Records announces the signing of the Ike Turner band with Willie King on vocals. Soon after that Vita releases # 123 with "Mistreating Me" and "Peg Leg Woman" featuring Billy Gales. However a month later the band records a number of sides for the Federal label in Cincinnati. Federal # 12265 is released featuring Billy Gayles with Ike Turner's Rhythm Rockers on "I'm Tore Up" and "If I Had Never Known You". Federal # 12267 features a vocal group called The Rockers with Ike Turner record "What Am I To Do" and "I'll Die In Love With You". Billy Gayles returns with "Take Your Fine Frame Home" and "Let's Call It A Day" on # 12272, and The Rockers try again with "Why Don't You Believe" and "Down In The Bottom" on # 12273. In November Billy Gayles records with the renamed Ike Turner and his Kings Of Rhythm with "Do Right Baby" and "No Coming Back" on # 12282. The next record is also a throwback as Jackie Brenston records with Ike for the first time in five years. This time the label names Ike and his Kings Of Rhythm on the songs "What Can It Be" and "Gonna Wait For My Chance" on # 12283. One last appearance on record for Ike Turner in 1956 is backing the vocal group The Gardenias on "Flaming Love" and "My Baby's Tops" on # 12284.

Ike Turner moves into 1957 continuing to record for Federal Records. Billy Gayles records "Just One More Time" and "Sad As A Man Can Be" on # 12287, and Jackie Brenston with "Much Later" / "The Mistreater" on # 12291, both with Ike's Kings Of Rhythm. Next in 1957 came a series of Federal recordings featuring the vocals of Clayton Love - "You made It" / "She Makes My Blood Run Cold" on # 12297, "Rock A Bucket" on # 12304, and "You've Changed My Love" on # 12307. All three recordings with Clayton Love sell in good numbers for Federal. In early 1958 Ike Turner records a one time side for the Tune Town label (# 501) a St. Louis based company of the songs "Boxtop" and "Chalypso Love Cry" which features backing vocals by Annie Mae Bullock (the future Tina). Turner then records one side for an affiliated label of Tune Town, Joyce Records (different from the New York label of the same name). Ken Churchill & The Lyrics with Ike Turner's Orchestra record "Fate Of Rock & Roll" and "Would You Rather" on Joyce # 304. For the rest of 1958 Ike goes to Chicago for a number of recordings for the Cobra Records. He is in the session band along with Willie Dixon on bass and Odie Payne on drums among others. "Double Trouble" and "Keep On Loving Me Baby" by Otis Rush on Cobra # 5030, "I'll Weep No More" and "Tell Me Darling" by Betty Everett on # 5031, and "All Your Love" and "My Baby Is A Good'Un" on # 5032. The next release for Cobra was under Ike's own name with the Kings Of Rhythm with "Box Top" with vocal by Tommy Hodge and Carson Oliver, and "Walking Down The Aisle" with Billy Gayles on vocal for Cobra # 5033.

Continuing in 1959 Ike recorded for the Artistic label which was an offshoot of the Chicago based Cobra label. "You Sure Can't Do" / "This Is The End" by Buddy Guy on Artistic # 1503. Following was Ike Turner's Kings Of Rhythm with Tommy Hodge on vocal with "Down And Out" and "You Don't Love Me" on # 1504. Now Ike moved to the Stevens label which was a St. Louis record company in the late nineteen fifties. Stevens # 104 was by Icky Renrut (Ike Turner) with Jimmy Thomas on vocal with "Jack Rabbit" and "In Your Eyes", followed by Little Cooper & The Drifters with Ike on guitar on "Moving Slow" and "Evening Train" on # 105, and another Icky Renrut record with Jimmy Thomas on vocal with "Ho Ho" and "Hey Hey" on # 107. Finally in 1959 Turner moved to Sue Records in New York with "My Love" and "That's All I Need" with vocals by Tommy Hodge on Sue # 722.

With that label came the pairing of Ike & Tina Turner and a number of soul classics and the rest of the Ike Turner story.

Some of the available CDs that feature the music of Ike Turner during this period are listed here. Be aware of duplication of tracks on these CDs because they cover much of the same areas of Turner's career.

"The Sun Sessions" on Varese from 2001 with 20 tracks many featuring Billy "The Kid" Emerson on vocals. Also Tommy Hodge and Bonnie Turner.

"Rhythm Rockin Blues" on Ace (UK) with the original "Rocket 88" and a host of sides cut for Modern in 1954-56 with Billy Gayles and "Lover Boy".

"I Like Ike" on Rhino from '94 featuring early Sun and Modern sides.

"Blues Kingpins : Ike Turner" on Capitol with 18 tracks with Clayton Love, Dennis Binder, and Bonnie Turner.

"Kings Of Rhythm" on See For Miles from '99 with 22 tracks.

and the self explanatory "Ike Turner : 1958-1959" on Paula from '93 with the Chess band with Willie Dixon and Odie Payne.

Ike Turner was a true R & B original. Listen to the famous whammy bar and distortion fed guitar licks years ahead of their time. Check out the solid boogie woogie piano also played by Ike. Listen to the intro to "Rocket 88" and then "Good Golly Miss Molly" by Little Richard six years later. Sound familiar ? ? Get those tracks from Sun in the early fifties and as you listen you can truly say - "Rock & Roll starts here !"

Original title: Ike before Tina

December 13, 2007

Otis Redding - White Christmas (Atco-6631)'68

This has been my favorite Christmas song from the first time I heard it. To me it's a totally different song then the original.
Listen to the BIG
O's voice..................... chills down my back, the feeling, the emotions and around 2.12 min into the song he seems to choke in his emotions (listen closely, but turn up the volume, you might miss it). I get goose pimples all over my body from just typing this part down. And the musicians................. words come short.......................... the organ intro, the guitar picking away, the smooth horns ( a masterful and heavenly rearrangement)

December 12, 2007

The Keystoners - You're All I Want For Christmas (Starbound 514b)'91

The Keystoners where originally formed in the late 40's and recorded from the mid 50's until 1961. They recorded on Epic, G&M and Riff.

After their brake up they started singing again in 1983.
Todays songs is on the Clifton CD 3004 (Christmas In Harmony).
It's a nice soulish doowop ballad.

Keystoners – Your All I Want For Christmas

December 11, 2007

James Brown - Let's Make Christmas Mean Something This Year ( Polydor PLG527988)'95

James Brown talking and screaming about Christmas, like only he could.
Strong background vocals.

James Brown – Let’s Make Christmas Mean Something This Year

This CD is a must have, if you ever doubted if James Brown could really sing and only screamed, get it!!!!!!!!

December 10, 2007

Desmond Dekker & The Aces - Christmas Day (Beverleys)'68

Desmond Dekker (Desmond Adolphus Dacres) is a well known reggae performer and song writer.
also had some beautiful ballads. Like this deep Christmas ballad, done in a very low pace.

This song is part of a 3cd Box from the Trojan Label.


In 1962 Desmond was first rejected by Studio One (Coxsone Dodd) and Treasure Isle (Duke Reid) both did not see much in the singer. But over at Beverley's Records he was signed, but he had to wait until the next year 1963 before he recorded his first song called "Honour Your Father and Mother".
Dekker recruited four brothers, Carl, Patrick, Clive and Barry who became his backing band,
The Four Aces, this was somewhere around 1965 possible after his fourth recording. When more members joined the band the name became "The Aces"

Video Clip from a later version of Israelites

In the end of this song Desmond Dekker sends Christmas wishes to all listening on behave of himself and Beverley's Records.

Desmond Dekker & The AcesChristmas Day

December 07, 2007

After All - If You Need Me (Negram 408a) '73

Blue Eyed Soul.

This song was released by a dutch group. I could not find any information on other releases or the group itself.
"If You Need Me" was a huge hit for them in '73, it reached # 1 in South Africa.

After All – If You Need Me (Negram 408a)’73

December 05, 2007

Joe Tex - My Biggest Mistake (King 4884a)'56

This 45 is Joe Tex his second solo release.
Before that he was part of the vocal group called the Sunbeams during early '55.
He made his first solo recording in that same year. (King 4840 - Come In This House / Davy, You Upset My Home '55)

Joe was born as Joseph Arrington Jr. in 1933, he died of heart attack in 1982. In 1972 he changed his name to Yusuf Hazziez.

Joe Tex – My Biggest Mistake (King)’56

December 03, 2007

Johnny Nash - (Looks Like) The End Of The World (ABC-Paramount 45-10137b)

  • (Looks like) The End Of The World
  • Don't Take Away Your Love
  • My Dear Little Sweetheart
  • A Thousand Miles Away
  • Helpless
  • I Need Someone To Stand By Me
  • I've Got A Lot To Over Darling
  • Let's Move And Groove (Together)
  • Moment Of Weakness
  • Ol' Man River
  • The Voice Of Love
  • Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
  • Too Proud
  • The Wish
  • Teardrops In The Rain
  • I'm Leaving
  • Talk To Me
To name a few

So many great songs, and all everybody (not coming from Suriname) ever talks about when you mention his name are his "reggae songs".

In my humble opinion a greatly underrated singer.
Some of the labels Nash released on are; ABC Paramount, Groove,Epic, MGM, Warner Bros, Argo, Joda, JAD, Cadet.

Information on albums & cd released, just click and see the comments on some releases

Today's song is a sweet ballad.
Nash was enormeously popular back home in Suriname. During the whole of the 60's you could hear his songs on the several radio stations daily. They loved his sweet style and voice.


November 30, 2007

Lloyd Williams With Chores & The Tommy McCook Band - Sad Sad World (Dutchess 104a)'66


This one is a real deepie.

Could not find anything about the singer but lots of info on Tommy McCook. What a band and the chores really gives this deep ballad an extra dimension (with the small contribution they have, you wished they did more)
It does not get more soulful then this one and Lloyd really does it, a real deep soul ballad in the Jamaica way.

"Tommy played on the tenor saxophone and flute with the Skatalites and the Supersonics, who were the Duke Reid session band at Treasure Isle recording studios. Tommy lead the band and was also the musical arranger, he helped to develop Rock Steady and Reggae. Born in 1927 he attended Alpha Boys School in Kingston Jamaica, a breeding ground for great musicians. He emigrated to the Bahamas in 1954 where he developed his musical skills, which were jazz influenced. Came back to Jamaica in 1962, in 1964 he joined the Skatalites who broke up in late 1965."

Read the whole story from the man himself

Lloyd Williams – Sad Sad World

Here's a link where you can hear an other song by Lloyd Williams. You can also download them all.

Reggae Soul Video & Podcasts About Studio One

November 28, 2007

Hank Sample - Your Being Unfair To Me (Jay-Walking 006b)

An other great deep ballad from one of my boot-albums.
The song: Can be found on Soulful Sounds From Soulville Various Artists CD

I could not find any information on the performer, but I found a scan of the flip side of the 45.

Hank Sample – Your Being Unfair To Me

November 26, 2007

Millie & Roy - Starlite (Wirl LP 1016) from The Most Of Millie and The Boys

Millicent Smith and Roy Panton formed a successful duo during the 60's.

Both had success with other singing partners.

Milly also teamed up with Owen Gray, Winston and Jackie Edwards while Roy sang with Eric Morris, Cornell Campbell, Yvonne Adams, Annette, Hyacinth & Patsy Dodd.

Some other great ballads by Millie and her Boys are; My Desire, The Vow, That's How Strong My Love Is, This Is My Story, I'll Never Believe In You.

Millie & Roy Panton - Starlite

November 23, 2007

Bobby Hendricks - Go On Home Girl (Williams001b)

Bobby Hendricks, once was a member of the the Drifters when he replaced Johnny Moore in 1957, before that he shortly was the lead for a group Bill Pickney started called The Flyers, and before all of that he had a short stay with The Swallows without any real success.
You can hear Bobby singing and sounding like Clyde McPhatter on the Drifters song "Suddenly There's A Valley"
The flip-side of todays 45 is a very good ballad also with the tittle "She Used To Hold Me".
Hendricks is best known for his releases on the Sue label:

Sue 45 Discography

November 21, 2007

The Maytalls - Are You Mine (Studio One) '65

The Maytals are one of my favorite Jamaican groups. They started in 1962 and where a 3 member group.
There first record was a gospel ska tune "Hallelujah". In the beginning almost all there songs where religiously orientated.

The Maytals are: Frederick"Toots" Hibbert, Nathaniel McCarthy (aka Jerry Matthias) and Henry "Raleigh" Gordon.

They had many lovely ballads. A few of my favorites are: The Preacher; You're a Traitor; Daddy both the '64 and '72 version; My Darling; Don't Let.

Download>>>>>>>>> “Are You Mine – The Maytals

November 18, 2007

Hank Mullen - Listen (Audel 362b)

This is a song, which I don't have as an original, it's a real deepie.
Many soul ballads during the 70's where put on boot albums my the Suriname Soul Collectors. These albums where mostly made in Belgium.

The "original" single is now being sold. If you're interested here's the link:

Listen by Hank Mullen GET IT HERE

November 16, 2007

Laurel Aitken - Woke Up This Morning

This man does not need an introduction. A born Cuban he moved to Jamaica at the age of 11 in 1938. He has been recording since the early 50's and is still going strong.
But if you're interested in more information checkout his website:

This song is from the 1969 album on Economy ( a Pama records production).
I'm mostly into his ballads and early ska songs ( but that should not be a surprise to you).

My favorite song by him is "I can't stand it".

I was looking for that song for ages, I knew from the "Suriname Collectors Scene" that it was a great ballad. But I never heard the song.

So one day I visited a record seller I had gotten to know at a record fair.
The first record I saw hanging on the wall of his studio was................. you guest right "I Can't Stand It by Laurel Aitken on the original Giant label".

After I found out he did not like the record and it was there just for decoration it got included in the trade.


November 13, 2007

Clarence Carter - If I Stay (Venture 141) '81

Clarence Alabama Music Hall Of Fame

Clarence Carter released 2 albums on the "Venture" label. The first earned him the titel "Come Back Artist of The Year" in 1981. "If I Stay" is from this album. A lovely ballad, dripping with emotions, his voice still had it.
Ever since I first heard his voice in my teens it caught me, and it still does especially when he sings ballads like this one.

CC’s Biography

Venture 141b If I Stay - Clarence Carter

November 12, 2007

Wendy Alleyne - Midnight Blue (Wirl508-1)'76

There's not very much information on this lady. The latest news on Wendy is that she has been selected and has received "The Living Legend Award" on Jan 2007 at the Barbados Music Awards.

Wendy to me is mostly known for her beautiful ballads and her lovely voice. I know she has an album with most of her ballads from the period of this record but I could never find it.Update Oct 13 (I did not feel sure when I wrote down the previous sentence, cause somewhere in the back of my mind it did not seem right, but I could not find the album, it took me a while but I finally found it............... hidden somewhere between the other goodies)

Part of Front Cover

The Dynamics(Part Of Back Cover)

Additional information will be added as soon as I have it.

Wendy AlleyneMidnight Blue

November 09, 2007

J.P. Robinson - Only Be True To Me (Alston 45-4570a)

When the voice of this man comes from the speakers of my system I always stop with whatever I'm doing.
What a voice, intense and pouring with emotions.

I found an article describing how people experienced him during recording. I think that's what I hear in his voice and it always gets to me each time I hear his voice.

>According to Willie Clarke, "J. P. seemed to go berserk at the microphone. He was so caught up in the feel of his songs, at times we thought we would have to hit him with a bat to calm him down. He was electric!" When he was going to do a recording session, people would try to get in on it to watch him work. His sessions were like watching a show.

Willie got the idea to write "Hot Love", in which you can easily hear Robinson's energy in the lyrics. Robinson was an instant sensation with the release of the hit 45 single, "I Got My Thing On A String."<

J.P.Robinson - Only Be True To Me

November 07, 2007

Springer & the Barons - Oh Babe (Wirl B-358b)'74

An other great Caribbean ballad.
This group is from Barbados but I'm not a 100% sure.
The lead singer is V.Gittens.
Any additional info I can find I'll place on a later date. If you have any please feel free to ad it in the comments for all to see, or send me an email.
I'm interested in sources regarding this beautiful music from the Caribbean and the region so if you have any or know of sites, books etc etc etc feel free to inform me/us.

November 05, 2007

Billy Frazier - Try Me (Verve 10501b) '67

An other soul singer I could not find much information on. Here's a scan of the flip side of this 45 an other fine deep ballad from a man with a great soul voice.

What I could find is that Billy also had 45's on the Imperial, Capitol and Music World label.

Billy Frazier – Try Me ..........DOWNLOAD LINK

November 02, 2007

Louis Windzak with The Glenn Weisz Orchestra - Free Me

Here's an other great performance by
Louis Windzak (The Suriname Otis Redding)

They could have invited him when the new Otis dvd was presented a few months ago in the US. Maybe something for the future.

I was promised a synchronized copy by Glenn Weisz. Until then we have to do with this copy.

A great Band with some of the finest Suriname Musicians. They have an end of the year Party/Concert every year.

The Falling Stones - Come Back To Your Lover

The Falling Stones aka The Talk Of The Town where hot from the mid 60's until the early 70's.
They where known in the whole of the Caribbean and gave many concerts abroad.
They started as a backup band but when one of the singers from "the Dynamics Stars" suddenly past away they decided to go on and changed there name.
The first members where Glenn Pocorni, Ernie Anches, Henry Cumberbatch, Benny Gelenbracht, Guillaume Braceli and Paul MacNack.
Later when they started to make some waves they where joined by many other great Suriname talents.

Among them was Louis Windzak "The Suriname Otis Redding". Todays song is a composition by him and Glenn Pocorni.
The album with this song was recorded during one of their tours to Trinidad. Al songs where recorded during one session.

Falling Stones Hang Me High(other Own Composition) Soundclip With Slide Show

Most members that where part of The Falling Stones (some 20) are still active today. In 2005 they had a reunion concert in The Netherlands.

Get it here: The Suriname Otis Redding & The Fallingstones

October 31, 2007

Randy Hobbs - Signs Of Love (APT 25059b)

Today I have a very obscure & rare record. I think so because it took me a very long time to find this 45 again after I let it go and non of the collectors I know knew of the singer or the song.

The singer sounds a bit like the great "Clyde McPhatter".

I found this 45 some 20 years a go on a record fair in Utrecht (the Netherlands).
It was only 50 cents and I thought I'd give it a try, it being on the APT label which had some superb releases I had in my collection. I could not listen to the record so I had to wait till I got home.

When I fist played the song I was amazed by the voice and played it over and over again, it's still one of my favorites and now on the want list of many Suriname collectors.

A year after I found this 45 I made a trade which included this record, I believed at that time I was gonna find it again soon, but I was wrong. I just received the record in the mail yesterday, I've been looking for it for almost 19 years now. Found it once but someone beat me to it.

So enough talking, download it and give it a "spin".
I could not find any information on the singer, so if any of you have some I'd be glad if you would share it with me.

October 29, 2007

Alton Ellis & The Flames - Nothing Sweeter (Dutches 1596-1) '66

Alton Ellis is an other Jamaican balladeer. He started singing in the sixties as a duo with Eddie Perkins. They had a huge hit with "Muriel". He also made some recordings with his sister Hortense. There most beautiful ballad to me is "I love you" which was released on the "Treasure Isle" label.

In 1965 after Perkins left for the US, Alton went solo and formed a backing group called "the Flames" consisting of three.
Now a days Alton is mostly known for his reggae releases.

On this song Alton & the Flames are accompanied by the
Oswald "Baba" Brooks &

Lynn Tait's (who is from Barbados) band.

On of the better Jamaican bands of that time.

DOWNLOAD: Alton Ellis & the Flames with the Babba Brooks & Lynn Taitt Band

October 26, 2007

James Dudley & The Dee Jays - What A Man Will Do(When He Loves A Woman) Chess 1995a

This song is something in the style of Bobby Patterson's "Let Them Talk". A nice ballad with some great organ sweetly going through the song. The flip of which you can see a scan is not bad too. Done by a duo Peter & Leon (probably band members). I could not find any information on this duo.According to my info (which I could not check) James Dudley also recorded as James Dee on Enrica.

Get It Here: James Dudley What A Man Will Do