November 02, 2007

The Falling Stones - Come Back To Your Lover

The Falling Stones aka The Talk Of The Town where hot from the mid 60's until the early 70's.
They where known in the whole of the Caribbean and gave many concerts abroad.
They started as a backup band but when one of the singers from "the Dynamics Stars" suddenly past away they decided to go on and changed there name.
The first members where Glenn Pocorni, Ernie Anches, Henry Cumberbatch, Benny Gelenbracht, Guillaume Braceli and Paul MacNack.
Later when they started to make some waves they where joined by many other great Suriname talents.

Among them was Louis Windzak "The Suriname Otis Redding". Todays song is a composition by him and Glenn Pocorni.
The album with this song was recorded during one of their tours to Trinidad. Al songs where recorded during one session.

Falling Stones Hang Me High(other Own Composition) Soundclip With Slide Show

Most members that where part of The Falling Stones (some 20) are still active today. In 2005 they had a reunion concert in The Netherlands.

Get it here: The Suriname Otis Redding & The Fallingstones

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