October 29, 2007

Alton Ellis & The Flames - Nothing Sweeter (Dutches 1596-1) '66

Alton Ellis is an other Jamaican balladeer. He started singing in the sixties as a duo with Eddie Perkins. They had a huge hit with "Muriel". He also made some recordings with his sister Hortense. There most beautiful ballad to me is "I love you" which was released on the "Treasure Isle" label.

In 1965 after Perkins left for the US, Alton went solo and formed a backing group called "the Flames" consisting of three.
Now a days Alton is mostly known for his reggae releases.

On this song Alton & the Flames are accompanied by the
Oswald "Baba" Brooks &

Lynn Tait's (who is from Barbados) band.

On of the better Jamaican bands of that time.

DOWNLOAD: Alton Ellis & the Flames with the Babba Brooks & Lynn Taitt Band

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