January 25, 2008

The Saints - Brown Eyes (Gay Feet & High Note) '66

Don't know much about this group. They released about 15 singles ( I have only this ones) on many (10) labels, there UK (5) releases not including . I only could find info on mentioned labels but I'm almost sure there are more.

This is a beautiful Jamaican ballad, with the guitar going in a slow ska rhythm. I've loved this song from the first time I heard it back in the sixties.
I love the combination of the vocals, with the backing vocal just a click later then the lead singer, to me it makes the beauty of the song and that's what creates the atmosphere of the song.
Makes you want to hold and squeeze your brown eyed girl real close and dance away into the tropical night.

January 24, 2008

Fantastic Violinaires (ft Robert Blair) - One Day As I Was Walking Along _Malaco LP 4389 '84

It's Gospel Ballad Time
A self penned song by the lead singer Robert Blair, who passed away in 2001.
The original Violinaires where formed in 1952. Robert Blair joined them in the early 60's.

Check out the Violinaires Biography

January 23, 2008

Roberto Carlos - Quero Me Casar Contigo

Todays song is something totally different, it's a 1963 Brazilian pop ballad. Roberta Carlos is one of my favorite South American singers. He's a Grammy Award winner. And sold over 100 million records/cds world wide.

Check out Singer Roberto Carlos Biography

Quero Me Casar Contigo is from his 1963 album "Splish Splash"

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January 21, 2008

Martin Luther King Day

Today is MLK day in the US.
In Memorie Of Him Mr. King I'll post part of his "I Have A Dream" speech. This speech and "I've Been To The Mountain Top" I listen to often.
The last one always gets to me every time I listen.