October 12, 2010

Solomon Burke & De Dijk - No One_Universal '10

May 24, 2010

Dee Clark - I'm Goin' Home Constellation-173

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Dee Clark managed to put half a dozen pop hits on the chart in the late 50's and early 60's, and it is one of these that make him a memorable figure in rock history.

He was born Delectus Clark in Blytheville, Arkansas in 1938, and in 1941 moved to Chicago. His mother Delecta sang spirituals and encouraged her son with his singing. He joined a group called the Hambone Kids with Ronny Strong and Sammy McGrier and it was with this group that he made his recording debut at age 14, in 1952.
The following year he joined an R&B singing group known as the Goldentones, which later changed its name to the Kool Gents. This group managed to win a talent contest and Dee Clark and the others came to the attention of local disk jockey Herb Kent. Kent took them to Falcon/Abner, which was a subsidiary of the well-known Chicago recording label Vee-Jay. In 1956 the group recorded some records there as the Delegates.
Dee Clark had a full, resonant voice and enjoyed singing. He made his first recording as a solo act with Falcon in 1957. By early 1959, he had his first entry in the Top Forty with Nobody But You. He followed that with Just Keep It Up, which went on to be his only hit of the 60's in the UK. Several other minor hits would follow, including Hey Little Girl, How About That, and Your Friends.
Then came his big one. He recorded Raindrops on Vee-Jay with his big booming voice and using sound effects for the heavy rain heard on the recording. It was a huge hit, settling in at number two in 1961, but it also proved to be his last Top Forty record in the US.
After 1965, he disappeared from the charts completely, with the exception of his Ride A Wild Horse which had a brief run in the UK as late as 1975. Dee Clark suffered a heart attack and died on December 7, 1990 at age 52.

Pic & Bill - All I Want Is You LeCam655b

Charles Edward Pickens & Billy Mills

Pic & Bill – All I Want Is You_LeCam 655b

See their latest CD release

May 23, 2010

Joe White - Baby I Care SansationSound013a '78

Joe White – Baby I Care SansationSounds013a ’70 & ‘78

Joe White is best known for is collaboration with Chuck Josephs as "Joe & Chuck".

He also had a short periode with The Leaders (Ken Booth, Joe White & Roy Shirley) they had a great ballad on the Anderson label " I Don't Want To Cry".

This song was originally released in 1970 in Jamaica on the "Opportunity" label and on the "Big" label that same year in the UK.

Bird Rollins - I Love You Forever Harvard 805a

This is one of the 12 (if I'm correct) 45's that have been released on the Harvard label.

Bird Rollins – I’ll Love You Forever_Harvard Rec 805a

May 17, 2010

Johnny Nash - Ol' Man River_Warner Bros 5302b '62

I've had many request for more songs by J.Nash, being in between jobs at the moment, I finally have some time.
I love this version of the song. Great song even with an orchestra, I love it when the orchestra keeps on beating the old man, giving him an even harder time. You can almost feel the pain in Johnny's voice.

Johnny Nash Discography

Johnny Nash (born 9 August1940 in Houston, Texas)
has been recording since 1956.

I said it before in my previous post, the man is criminally under rated

Ol’ Man River – Johnny Nash

May 12, 2010

Willie White - It's Wrong_Shaw 104

I could not find any info on label or singer.

Willie White – It’s Wrong_Shaw 104

April 30, 2010

Billy Jones & The Stars - Change Your Mind_Imperial LP '77

Part Of Billy's album "Love Is Gonna Rain On You

Short biography of Billy from the Album "Ballads" with Oscar Harris

Billy Jones & The Stars – Change Your Mind_LP Blue Elephant ‘77

Change Your Mind is a self penned ballad and can be found on the album
"Love Is Gonna Rain On You"

Here's an other song from Billy released by Barbara Mason

Yes I’m Ready

The band is "The Stars" aka "The Twinkle Stars", due to contract issues, they had to use a different name while recording with Billy instead of Oscar Harris.

April 29, 2010

Dellie Huskie & Their Natural Selves - A Change Is Gonna Come_Noble 1004

Love this version, something different.
A real deepie
Could not find any info on the singer, group or label.
Let me know what you think of this song.

Dellie Huskie & Their Natural Selves - A Change Is Gonna Come_Noble 1004

April 27, 2010

The Sharks - Don't Fool Me_Studio One 1032 '65

The Sharks are Dwight Pinkney, Lloyd Robinson, Alfred Crossley and Danny McFarlane.
They recorded for a few years and released songs on the Kentone, Studio One and Coxsone label.
One song was remixed and released in '77 and '78.

The Sharks – Don’t Fool Me Studio One ’65 (Wirl Matrix)

April 02, 2010

Fred Towles - Too Much Monkey Business pt1 (Way Out 1002a) '68

received this comment last Januari on my post from Jan 2008:
Barbara said
This mystery guy is from Cleveland, Ohio; graduated from East Tech; served in the Air Force; recorded Too Much Monkey Business with Way Out after he came home from the Air Force. Fred Towles wrote the lyrics. He is alive and well; still composing, singing and recording.
Fred's Mom.

after my blog responce Mr. Fred Towles himself sent me the following email

hello mr. balladeer,
my name is fred towles. i now go by the name freddee t.. some one brought it to my attention that i was the mysterious missing person. well i'm alive and kicking still writing, singing, and recording music. my web site is how did you get this record? i had no idea they were still around. it seems they are all over the place. please get in touch and bring me up to date on all this stuff.
Freddee T.

Follow his links and get an update from the man himself.

Jan 2008

This man seems to be a mystery guy (from what I could find on him). There's not much info on him.
He sang lead on a song by Jacksonians "Hook It To The Mule" also on Way Out.

"Too Much Monkey Business" can be found on Vol 2 of "Deep Soul Discoveries" all 4 volumes are a must have for deep soul lovers. Deep Soul Discoveries Vol. 1-4

Get The Song By Fred Towles Here

January 13, 2010

Johnnie Ruth King - Still I Love You Pzazz-Rec 009 '68

Jan 9: Can't upload to MediaFire at the moment.
I'll be back with the song asap.

Sorry for the long wait, enjoy
Johnnie Ruth King - Still I Love You_Pazz 009-A

January 09, 2010

Warm & Tender Love - Percy Sledge DIVX