October 05, 2007

Reality - War

Reality was an 8 member group during the 70's in the Netherlands. A majority of the members where from Suriname & Curacao. They were very popular in Europe, South America, Suriname and the whole of the Caribbean. "War" is from there only album of which you can see part of the front cover, this album is on many collectors want list. Most of the members are still active; performing, recording, producing you name it. Lesley Vos just recently celebrated his 40th year in showbiz.
One of my future post will be
on him.

This picture is from one of there performances in Cannes, France (and was taken from L.Vos his official site)

Reality-War(ft Lesley Vos)

October 03, 2007

The Three Notes - Bertha My Girl (Tee Gee 106) '58

This song really kills me.
Especially the backing, the rapidly repeating of a word in the song. Just like the beating of your heart when you standing there waiting for your Sweetheart, and then............................... ,
there he or she is the pounding of your heart (can you feel it).

That's my fantasy.
Don't play it onces....................

Don & Lee - Turn Out The Lights (Royal Roost 631) '53 0r '57

I love duo's. This duo sounds like Don & Juan. Songs (some of them) sound better when sung by duo's. I don't know why, but it does for me. Maybe it's the blending of the voices, the different emotions I seem to hear in either of the voices. Who knows, I just love duo's/duets.
I learned about this duo about 1 year ago. I've been trying to find information but I did not succeed.
So if you have any info on these guy's and your willing to share it please let me know.

Turn Out The Lights (Download Link )

I'm in the process of starting an internet broadcast/show and choose this song to be my starting tune. Maybe in a while you'll be able to tune in and listen to my songs.
I don't think I have to tell you by now it will be a ballads only show.

Norman West - Words Won't Say (How Much You Mean To Me)(Smash 2123)

This great deep song has everything a great deep soul ballad should have :
Great voice, fantastic band, backing, emotions ...... you name it.
Above a link with some info on West.

I play this one a lot.
Download it and hear why.

Winfield Parker- What Do You Say (Atco 6474a)

It's one of my favorite Sam Cooke tunes "What Do You Say" by WINFIELD PARKER in a deep soul way.
It was first released on Ru-Jac 0020.

Gee Williams & Paulette - Willie My Darling(Angels In Heaven Know I Love You) (GG's Hit pre)

This Song was released in 1970 on the GG's Hit pre label owned by Alvin Ranglin. There where many great songs released on this label. Some of them can be found on the following CD.

This songs is a duet done by the Williams sisters, done in a mellow mood with a nice slow Jamaican ridem. I love the band and the guitar picking away. The band is probably the "GG All Stars aka G.G. Rhythm Section.

But listen for your self.

Bunny Wailer & Rita Marley - Bless You (Coxsone) '65

Bunny was a close friend (brother) of Bob. This song was recorded before Marley left for the US. A great typical Jamaica/Caribbean ballad. If love these songs, rough and deep. Listen to the horns simple but so typical for these Jamaican ballads.

Here some info on Rita and Bunny from Wikipedia


Get the song here:
Song is from the CD WailersAndFriends

Keith & Enid - What Have I done (R&B 17-A) '61

Coming from South America I was influenced by both US and Local (meaning Caribbean/South American) music. Many local songs where covered from their great Idols, but more songs where original.
Here's a song by a well known duo Keith Stewart & Enid Cumberland accompanied by the Carib's