October 05, 2007

Reality - War

Reality was an 8 member group during the 70's in the Netherlands. A majority of the members where from Suriname & Curacao. They were very popular in Europe, South America, Suriname and the whole of the Caribbean. "War" is from there only album of which you can see part of the front cover, this album is on many collectors want list. Most of the members are still active; performing, recording, producing you name it. Lesley Vos just recently celebrated his 40th year in showbiz.
One of my future post will be
on him.

This picture is from one of there performances in Cannes, France (and was taken from L.Vos his official site)

Reality-War(ft Lesley Vos)


Anonymous said...

Sounds good, nice to be informed about the unknown.......

Anonymous said...

You know how to pick them man.