February 06, 2008

Earl Paradise - You're All I Need Atco 6326a '64

An other great performer I could not find any information on.
Probably his only release.
To me something totally different then you'll aspect from a Atco 45 soul ballad, just a sniff of horns and great violins creating a soulish atmosphere combined with the backing, a great ballad and a great performer.

February 04, 2008

Glen Ricks aka Glen Ricketts - I Found A Love

Glen Ricks aka Ricketts is a Jamaican born.
He moved to Canada with his parents, to come back to Jamaica and return back to Canada later. In the 70's he recorded "I found a love" a Wilson Pickett cover. After he went back to Canada he recorded the song again in 1989 on the Scorpio label.
His latest recordings where done on Jamaica again.

I'll put in both versions, the earlier version can be found on the Reggae Lasting Love Songs Vol 2 CD