July 01, 2008

Lattimore Brown with Roscoe Shelton - I Know I'm Gonna Miss You

I read some amazing news today over at Jason Stone's Stepfatherofsoul blog and Red Kelly's A-side & B-side blog.

Lattimore Brown who was believed to be dead since the 80's is still alive and well, read about it over at the above blog's.

^ read more about the "LOST SOUL MAN" ^

Now that's what we call BREAKING NEWS. I can't wait for the follow up on this story. Jason & Red you both did a great job AND it's true we all are tools in GOD'S hands.
Keep up the good work.

Lattimore Brown with Roscoe Shelton – I Know That I’m Gonna Miss You

Don't they sound great !!!!!

June 29, 2008

Bobby Dunn - They've Hardly Been Used At All Logo-500a

Bobby Dunn sang for The Empires in the 50's. The Empires also recorded as the Prestos, The Thrill Tones and The Whirlers.
There's not much info on Bobby Dunn either. I do found he also has releases on the Ordell label and there seems to be a Bobby Dunn singing gospel. But I'm not sure if they're the same person.

I love the mans voice. On the flip side of this 45 (also a ballad) he really goes for it and pours out the emotions in his voice.