February 28, 2008

Buddy Miles - Down By The River

I just read that Buddy Miles passed away.

The song was an enormous hit back in Suriname. It was number 1 for a very long time. The best memories I have regarding this song was during my school vacation in september 1971, peddling down the Suriname river in a korjaal ( see picture below) to visit an old plantation called Rorac, and stay for a few days . My best friends family owned the place, right in the middle of nowhere.

boot used by runaway slaves to travel the rivers

Imagine two 17 years old teenagers crossing a tropical river in this korjaal and a battery-radio somewhere in the front, with the volume on max and Buddy Miles singing "Down By The River".

Rest In Peace

February 27, 2008

The Vonns - Leave Us Alone King 5793b '63

This great ballad can be found on the Ace CD Queens of King, the Cd is loaded with great deep ballads, so if you like this one, get it.

The booklet has lots of great info.