November 02, 2007

Louis Windzak with The Glenn Weisz Orchestra - Free Me

Here's an other great performance by
Louis Windzak (The Suriname Otis Redding)

They could have invited him when the new Otis dvd was presented a few months ago in the US. Maybe something for the future.

I was promised a synchronized copy by Glenn Weisz. Until then we have to do with this copy.

A great Band with some of the finest Suriname Musicians. They have an end of the year Party/Concert every year.

The Falling Stones - Come Back To Your Lover

The Falling Stones aka The Talk Of The Town where hot from the mid 60's until the early 70's.
They where known in the whole of the Caribbean and gave many concerts abroad.
They started as a backup band but when one of the singers from "the Dynamics Stars" suddenly past away they decided to go on and changed there name.
The first members where Glenn Pocorni, Ernie Anches, Henry Cumberbatch, Benny Gelenbracht, Guillaume Braceli and Paul MacNack.
Later when they started to make some waves they where joined by many other great Suriname talents.

Among them was Louis Windzak "The Suriname Otis Redding". Todays song is a composition by him and Glenn Pocorni.
The album with this song was recorded during one of their tours to Trinidad. Al songs where recorded during one session.

Falling Stones Hang Me High(other Own Composition) Soundclip With Slide Show

Most members that where part of The Falling Stones (some 20) are still active today. In 2005 they had a reunion concert in The Netherlands.

Get it here: The Suriname Otis Redding & The Fallingstones

October 31, 2007

Randy Hobbs - Signs Of Love (APT 25059b)

Today I have a very obscure & rare record. I think so because it took me a very long time to find this 45 again after I let it go and non of the collectors I know knew of the singer or the song.

The singer sounds a bit like the great "Clyde McPhatter".

I found this 45 some 20 years a go on a record fair in Utrecht (the Netherlands).
It was only 50 cents and I thought I'd give it a try, it being on the APT label which had some superb releases I had in my collection. I could not listen to the record so I had to wait till I got home.

When I fist played the song I was amazed by the voice and played it over and over again, it's still one of my favorites and now on the want list of many Suriname collectors.

A year after I found this 45 I made a trade which included this record, I believed at that time I was gonna find it again soon, but I was wrong. I just received the record in the mail yesterday, I've been looking for it for almost 19 years now. Found it once but someone beat me to it.

So enough talking, download it and give it a "spin".
I could not find any information on the singer, so if any of you have some I'd be glad if you would share it with me.

October 29, 2007

Alton Ellis & The Flames - Nothing Sweeter (Dutches 1596-1) '66

Alton Ellis is an other Jamaican balladeer. He started singing in the sixties as a duo with Eddie Perkins. They had a huge hit with "Muriel". He also made some recordings with his sister Hortense. There most beautiful ballad to me is "I love you" which was released on the "Treasure Isle" label.

In 1965 after Perkins left for the US, Alton went solo and formed a backing group called "the Flames" consisting of three.
Now a days Alton is mostly known for his reggae releases.

On this song Alton & the Flames are accompanied by the
Oswald "Baba" Brooks &

Lynn Tait's (who is from Barbados) band.

On of the better Jamaican bands of that time.

DOWNLOAD: Alton Ellis & the Flames with the Babba Brooks & Lynn Taitt Band