April 02, 2010

Fred Towles - Too Much Monkey Business pt1 (Way Out 1002a) '68

received this comment last Januari on my post from Jan 2008:
Barbara said
This mystery guy is from Cleveland, Ohio; graduated from East Tech; served in the Air Force; recorded Too Much Monkey Business with Way Out after he came home from the Air Force. Fred Towles wrote the lyrics. He is alive and well; still composing, singing and recording.
Fred's Mom.

after my blog responce Mr. Fred Towles himself sent me the following email

hello mr. balladeer,
my name is fred towles. i now go by the name freddee t.. some one brought it to my attention that i was the mysterious missing person. well i'm alive and kicking still writing, singing, and recording music. my web site is how did you get this record? i had no idea they were still around. it seems they are all over the place. please get in touch and bring me up to date on all this stuff.
Freddee T.

Follow his links and get an update from the man himself.

Jan 2008

This man seems to be a mystery guy (from what I could find on him). There's not much info on him.
He sang lead on a song by Jacksonians "Hook It To The Mule" also on Way Out.

"Too Much Monkey Business" can be found on Vol 2 of "Deep Soul Discoveries" all 4 volumes are a must have for deep soul lovers. Deep Soul Discoveries Vol. 1-4

Get The Song By Fred Towles Here