December 14, 2008

Major Lance - Dark and Lonely_Dutch Epic ps '65

Original on Okeh

Major Lance Discography

December 01, 2008

Linda Carr - Jackie,Bobby,Sonny,Billy_Sar153b '64

Sorry for not having posted for the past 3 weeks but work,household and giving the kids some "quality time" is killing me.
Hope you like this one, enjoy!!

October 31, 2008

Gospel by Bob Marley & The Wailers

"Let the Lord be seen in me"
A 1966 song originally released on the Supreme label in Jamaica
Taken from the
"Destiny: Rare Ska Side From Studio 1"

If you like Bob Marley & The Wailers and there ballads, this CD is a must. Great ballads and ska tunes.
The backing vocals are done by Beverly Kelso, Cherry Green and Constantine "Dream Vision" Walker called The Soulettes.

October 23, 2008

Combo Five - Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

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October 18, 2008

Brook Benton - Looking Back (Demo'55-'58)Trip_LP-8026(2) '72

As I said before in one of my earlier posts (The God Given Voice) it is estimated that Brook Benton recorded over 500 Demo Discs between 1955 and 1958 before he hit big with "Just A Matter Of Time"

I just recently discovered there was a double album released in 1972 on the Trip label produced by Clyde Otis with 28 of these demonstration songs.

Brook Benton – Looking Back (DEMO) released later by Nat King Cole


September 16, 2008

Bobby Bennett - Show Me Len-1010b

Bobby Bennett recorded on V-Tone, Karl, Len, Loma, Capri, Phil L.A. of Soul & Phil Int'l.
He was part of the Famous Flames that recorded "Bewildered" in 1959 by James Brown & The Famous Flames.

Bobby Bennett – Show Me Len-1010b

July 25, 2008

Johnny Honeycutt - Advice On Man's Love Life Fury-415'74

My kids are one a 4 week vacation in Suriname and for the first time in 6 years I'm all alone. I was looking forward to it, but now they are gone the house is so empty and I feel lost. So I'm out a lot, working, trying to find some great vinyl and stuff like that. But it looks like the whole of the Netherlands is on vacation and there's not much activity. So in the coming weeks don't expect to much posting, will try to do at least one a week.

One of my blog visitors send me an email asking for this song, it was a great hit among Suriname people.
The follow up is more of the same (see scan below)

July 01, 2008

Lattimore Brown with Roscoe Shelton - I Know I'm Gonna Miss You

I read some amazing news today over at Jason Stone's Stepfatherofsoul blog and Red Kelly's A-side & B-side blog.

Lattimore Brown who was believed to be dead since the 80's is still alive and well, read about it over at the above blog's.

^ read more about the "LOST SOUL MAN" ^

Now that's what we call BREAKING NEWS. I can't wait for the follow up on this story. Jason & Red you both did a great job AND it's true we all are tools in GOD'S hands.
Keep up the good work.

Lattimore Brown with Roscoe Shelton – I Know That I’m Gonna Miss You

Don't they sound great !!!!!

June 29, 2008

Bobby Dunn - They've Hardly Been Used At All Logo-500a

Bobby Dunn sang for The Empires in the 50's. The Empires also recorded as the Prestos, The Thrill Tones and The Whirlers.
There's not much info on Bobby Dunn either. I do found he also has releases on the Ordell label and there seems to be a Bobby Dunn singing gospel. But I'm not sure if they're the same person.

I love the mans voice. On the flip side of this 45 (also a ballad) he really goes for it and pours out the emotions in his voice.

June 23, 2008

Delroy Wilson & ????? - It's A Sin

Young Delroy Wilson

Delroy Wilson was part of the duo's Higgs (Joe Higgs) & Wilson and Delroy & Paulette (Paulette Williams of the Williams sisters).
He also teamed up with Jennifer Lara & Hortense Ellis.

I could not find any information on who the lady is singing this song with Delroy, but comparing the voice with other songs I have I'm almost sure it must be Paulette Williams.
Delroy recorded his first song "If I had a beautiful day" at the age of thirteen for Clement "Coxsone" Dodd.

The song can be found on the above CD.

June 21, 2008

Blood Sweat & Tears - Love You More Then You'll Ever Know '68


Year Of Release: 1968
Overall rating = 12

Perhaps "this album's influence is greater than the sum of its parts", but it's still among the better jazz-rock offerings out there.


Track listing: 1) Overture; 2) I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know; 3) Morning Glory; 4) My Days Are Numbered; 5) Without Her; 6) Just One Smile; 7) I Can't Quit Her; 8) Meagan's Gypsy Eyes; 9) Something's Goin' On; 10) House In The Country; 11) The Modern Adventures Of Plato, Diogenes And Freud; 12) So Much Love/Underture; [BONUS TRACKS:] 13) Refugee From Yuhupitz; 14) I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know; 15) The Modern Adventures Of Plato, Diogenes And Freud.

You know what's the goddamn coolest moment of this album? You probably don't, no way you could guess. You just read it in the 'best song' line. Yeah, yeah, it's when Al Kooper shouts out 'I LOVE you baby, LOVE you baby' and then, in a breathy high tone, adds 'more than you'll ever kno- oh- ohww'. In that way, blam, he triggers the John Lennon association, and that's godly. It's one of the most intense, breathtaking, simply gorgeous "white soul" offerings of the epoch, and almost earns the record an extra point in my little red book. Dude, we all know that Al Kooper can play (especially those of us who revere Highway 61 Revisited), but he can sing as well, oh yes he can.

Oh. Sorry. I forgot to mention that I've actually just started reviewing Child Is Father To The Man, the first and - arguably, but almost certainly - the best album of Blood, Sweat, & Tears. Why best? Because it's the only one that has Al Kooper on it, of course. It's also revolutionary, because most reverend rock historians will be telling you that this is the origin of the mighty movement known as 'jazz-rock' from then on. Of course, it's blatantly incorrect, because that leaves out Traffic, and, uh, the Graham Bond Organization, and, er, well, I guess Frank Zappa could be called one of the forefathers of jazz-rock as well, not to mention the works of real former jazz dudes like Miles Davis and all, but I guess this album just did to the jazz-rock movement more or less the same that Never Mind The Bollocks did for punk rock nine years later: widely popularized it. Indeed, this isn't your average elitist non-accessible jazzy record where the elitist sits and shed tears over the tenth minute of a convoluted sax solo while the average guy has long since slipped into his headphones to put on some Led Zep. The songs are mostly short, with just a couple six/eight minutes exceptions, and very much oriented for the pop single market. The presence of strings (the so-called 'Blood Sweat & Tears Ensemble') needn't surprise anyone, so probably the only unstandard element here is the regular three-man brass section of the band. Well, I guess we could call it a first of sorts. The basic problem is that the songwriting on the album just isn't that consistent. The songs may be single-oriented, but they're not too keen on inserting actual hooks, and getting on on the strength of groove alone doesn't always help, because as the album progresses parts of it become monotonous. That said, Al Kooper really really saves the day. He contributes three things - his voice, his playing, and his composition, and these are just about the best things on the record. The guy has always had marvelous taste, and his organ riffs and piano improvs are fresh and sharp, his voice straight and hard-hitting, and his songs actually the best of the bunch... scary, isn't it, that it was him, the band's organizer and main creative soul, to leave it first? The only analogy I can remember is Roy Wood leaving the Electric Light Orchestra after their debut record, but at least he left Jeff Lynne behind him, while Kooper simply didn't have anyone else in the band to match his talent. Imagine Ian Anderson leaving Jethro Tull after Stand Up and leaving the rest of the band to carry on, and you get my idea. Anyway, as I already pointed out, 'I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know' is the definite highlight on here, just slicing through your soul with its sharp blasts of brass and heavy bluesy guitar accompanying Al's soulful wailing, but it's not the only gem. 'My Days Are Numbered' is another one, wittily alternating mid-tempo bluesy verses with the gospelish slow chorus and Al turning in yet another performance of a lifetime. The brass parts are particularly tight on here, with magnificent trumpet riffs, but the backwards guitar solo by Ztak Evets (Ztak Evets, get it?) is clever as well. And that's only the first in a series of three tight jazz-poppy numbers contributed by Al: 'I Can't Quit Her' is a wonderful love song with some more Beatles influences in the singing, and some more unpredictable chord modulations in between the verses and choruses. Finally, there's 'House In The Country', about which the liner notes actually warn us that 'all the animal sounds are not played by animals', which is, uh, funny, I guess. I kinda like the Kinks' song of the same name more, but this one has got a cute nursery beat anyway. Kooper's two other contributions are a bit more debatable - I have to say that the pretentiously-titled 'Modern Adventures Of Plato, Diogenes And Freud' to me sounds like a pretty tuneless bore, pretty much like that clock on the wall that Al keeps lamenting about. It's just an atmospheric string-quartet based chant that seems to provide the platform for Al to unravel some of his metaphysic visions (funny thing, I didn't even consult the actual lyrics sheet before I wrote that line and now that I do I find the word 'metaphysic' directly mentioned in the lyrics! Ha!), and the bonus version on the CD release that substitutes the strings for a simple piano background hardly saves things. However, the eight-minute rave-up 'Somethin' Goin' On' is an entirely different thing already, because that's truly one solid groove, with excellent guitar and piano solos and a classy 'brass battle' at the end of the track with the bnd really getting it on. Too bad I can't really say anything about the non-Kooper tracks because to do that, I need to put 'em back on and my CD tracklist is written in tiny letters, I'm too lazy to select the right number on the player. You can already tell they're absolutely unmemorable, however, repeated listens at least confirm the fact that they all have something going for them. Like Steve Katz's vocal, for instance, which predates Bryan Ferry's bleating by a good four years. Or Kooper's soothing Dylanish organ on 'Morning Glory' (see, I remembered one! Ha! I'm Albert Einstein!). Or the mysterious "ondioline" on 'Meagan's Gypsy Eyes' (see, I remember another one! Ha! I'm Julius Caesar!) Or the really pretty vocal harmonies on the Goffin & King cover 'So Much Love' (see, I remember a THIRD one! Ha! Had I been in Moses' place, I wouldn't have to waste forty years in the friggin' desert!). In all, the only thing I find vaguely offensive is the silly 'Overture' - blame it on typical Sixties' excesses that an album should be beginning with one and a half minutes of bland symphonic intro and some jerk ridiculously laughing into the microphone. No wonder 'the laugher wishes to remain anonymous', as the liner notes say; probably afraid of getting a black eye for that. But never mind the excesses, just keep in mind that this is the beginning of jazz-rock as a popular movement and a solid beginning at that. And don't blame it for all those late-period Chicago records. Al Kooper might have been a giant of art, but he sure wasn't muscular enough to prevent that from happening.

The song was a huge hit back home for many months and it was still frequently played on late night shows at local radio stations years later.

Blood Sweat & Tears – Love You More Then You’ll Ever Know

June 07, 2008

Eddie Floyd - Will I Be The One Lupine_115a_'62

Eddie Floyd has always been one of my favorite soul singers. I saw him performing live back in Suriname in 1970, it was a real thrill. Especially when he sang "Girl I Love You" because at that time I was head over heals in love with a girl I had met at a family birthday party almost a year before. A few months after that concert I danced the song with her on my sixteenth birthday. I begged my parents to have the party just to be able to dance with her and be close to her, because all previous attempts to get close to her had failed. So from the beginning it was never meant to be, but I still cherish those days.
Todays song is one of his earlier songs. Eddie started singing with the "Falcons" somewhere in 1956.

June 01, 2008

Balladeer's Birthday 1-6-'54_1-6-'08

Today is Balladeer's birthday and as a gift to myself I've redone the Blog a little bit, hope you like it.
The past 6 years have been a real struggle but it looks like there's a light beginning to shine at the end of the tunnel.

I'm starting my new job on Monday, after having concentrated for the past 6 years on raising my four youngest kids.

"What Would I Have Done Without These Great Songs and All The Other Great Music Blogs and P2P sites on the Net"


"Music & our Savior have kept me sane these years"

sorry, don't have an acceptable picture of my two oldest daughters, if I posted the ones I do have they won't talk to me for a long time :-)

May 30, 2008

Brother Jones - Peace In My Soul Johnson-J-742a

Another obscure 45 I could not find any information on. If you can help out with any additional info on this one and the previous I would appreciate it.

May 28, 2008

Art Benton - Get Up Off Your Um Hum_Chris 002

Could not find any info on this song except there is at least one other 45 on this label by A.Benton.

Art Benton – Get Up Of Your Um Hum_Chris Rec 002

April 21, 2008

Little Johnny Jones - Just One Step

Ever since I heard Johnny Jones his voice for the first time, singing Tennessee Waltz, I was captured by it.
What a voice !!!!

Since then I've been looking for other songs by him, but I could never find one. Then I heard a gospel song by the Swanee Quintet and there was that wonderful voice again.

I just recently purchased the CD with todays gospel ballad. The CD is his second Creed 3018 LP ('72) with the Johnny Jones singers (who are the Mimms Brothers). It has two bonus tracks.

CD inlay with info on Johnny Jones

March 21, 2008

The Twentie Grans - Guilty_Columbia 44239

I've had a lot on my mind the past week and a half so I neglected you a bit, sorry I'm guilty.
But I'm back with a great deepie.

Not much info on the group. The song can be found on a cd I mentioned earlier.

March 11, 2008

Every Night (Joe White & Chuck) and Todos Las Noches (Carlos Cortez)

2 superb Caribbean ballads
The Joe White & Chuck version can be found on the 3 cd Box set by Trojan.

The song was a hit in many Caribbean countries.

Check Out What They Say About The Box

The song was such a hit that Carlos Cortez did a slower Spanish version of the song.

March 08, 2008

Roy Arlington - Everybody Makes A Mistake Sometimes Safice-337 '61

This Eddie Floyd penned great ballad has also been released by Otis Redding (Volt '66) and Mitty Collier (Chess '67).
All these versions are great and it's hard to choose which one is the best. I played all 3 before posting and I can't decide even though I'm an Otis man. They all got something special.

I'll post all 3 versions for you to make up your mind yourself. Let me know your findings.

I'm wondering: Are there more deep soul versions out there ????

3 Versions of Everybody Makes A Mistake Sometimes

March 02, 2008

The Enchanters - God Bless The Girl And Me Loma 2035a '66

Without Garnet Mimms the Enchanters did not have any real hits, but this song really does it form me.The Enchanters information, click on there name in the song listing

Don't you just love Samuel Bell's lead.
This song and many other great ballads can be found on Vol 1 and 2 of:

Enchanters the on Loma 2035 a

February 28, 2008

Buddy Miles - Down By The River

I just read that Buddy Miles passed away.

The song was an enormous hit back in Suriname. It was number 1 for a very long time. The best memories I have regarding this song was during my school vacation in september 1971, peddling down the Suriname river in a korjaal ( see picture below) to visit an old plantation called Rorac, and stay for a few days . My best friends family owned the place, right in the middle of nowhere.

boot used by runaway slaves to travel the rivers

Imagine two 17 years old teenagers crossing a tropical river in this korjaal and a battery-radio somewhere in the front, with the volume on max and Buddy Miles singing "Down By The River".

Rest In Peace