June 07, 2008

Eddie Floyd - Will I Be The One Lupine_115a_'62

Eddie Floyd has always been one of my favorite soul singers. I saw him performing live back in Suriname in 1970, it was a real thrill. Especially when he sang "Girl I Love You" because at that time I was head over heals in love with a girl I had met at a family birthday party almost a year before. A few months after that concert I danced the song with her on my sixteenth birthday. I begged my parents to have the party just to be able to dance with her and be close to her, because all previous attempts to get close to her had failed. So from the beginning it was never meant to be, but I still cherish those days.
Todays song is one of his earlier songs. Eddie started singing with the "Falcons" somewhere in 1956.


Anonymous said...

Nice little story, Ben! *smiles* And the song is great, too. Thanks for posting it.

Ben The Balladeer said...

Thanks to you ANON ;-)