March 08, 2008

Roy Arlington - Everybody Makes A Mistake Sometimes Safice-337 '61

This Eddie Floyd penned great ballad has also been released by Otis Redding (Volt '66) and Mitty Collier (Chess '67).
All these versions are great and it's hard to choose which one is the best. I played all 3 before posting and I can't decide even though I'm an Otis man. They all got something special.

I'll post all 3 versions for you to make up your mind yourself. Let me know your findings.

I'm wondering: Are there more deep soul versions out there ????

3 Versions of Everybody Makes A Mistake Sometimes

March 02, 2008

The Enchanters - God Bless The Girl And Me Loma 2035a '66

Without Garnet Mimms the Enchanters did not have any real hits, but this song really does it form me.The Enchanters information, click on there name in the song listing

Don't you just love Samuel Bell's lead.
This song and many other great ballads can be found on Vol 1 and 2 of:

Enchanters the on Loma 2035 a