December 05, 2009

Julia Steele with Chris Towns Band - What's In It For Me Tella-1000a

What’s In It For Me – Julia Steele

Could not find any info on this one.

November 04, 2009

Nino & The Ebb Tides-Wished I Was Home Mr.Peacock-102b '61

I love these songs with funny/strange sounds.

Nino & The Ebb Tides song GET IT HERE

INFO link:

June Sims - Tell The Whole World King-6070a'67

June Sims – Tell The Whole World_King promo ‘67

This is one of her two 45's released on King.

October 15, 2009

D & Joe - Alone In The Chapel DETO-2875b

Dee Wolf 1942 - 2000


I received a comment today on this post from:

Soriana.(visit her great site)

and I wanted to share it with you.

I lived with Dee Wolf for 5 years - June 1995 until September 2, 2000(when he died)in Memphis, Tennessee. He told me the story of Alone in the Chapel which he recorded with his friend, Joe. Shortly after the recording he appeared on a television show in Memphis, Tennessee and decided that television was much better than records alone. He broke his recording contract and went to New York where he literally walked into ABC and told them he wanted a tv show. At that time, there were no black tv hosts (before soul train...after Nat King Cole). He got a 13 week series which was a variety show where he introduced such talents as Bobby Womack (his first tv appearance), the Chi-Lites, the Stylistics (their first tv appearance). He did shows in Toledo, Ohio; Memphis, Tennessee; and Eugene, Oregon, where he met me. After 3 years in Eugene, we came to Memphis and did the show there in 1998. We had the Chi-Lites on the show in Memphis and they had 2 background vocalists. One was Bobby Womack's sister and the other was Vanessa Williams' sister. One day we were riding in the elevator at The Claridge House, where we lived in Memphis, and this man said, "Oh, my God! You are Dee Wolf, aren't you?" When Dee answered yes, the man said, "You sang with my uncle, Joe, of Dee and Joe." It is a small and amazing world! So yes, Dee & Joe were a 'one hit wonder' group in the 1960's. Dee had lived down the street from where Barry Gordy started Motown. He knew all the Motown hopefuls, and he told me many stories about those days.

Thanks for sharing this with us Soriana, love your site.

Original Post
I don't know nothing and could not find anything about this duo. This might be their only release on this Detroit based label and probaly their only release ever. There's not much info on the label either. There where only 13 releases of which 4 have also been released on the "Music Now" label.
It's probably a late 60's release. I found one copy being sold in Japan for $150.-

The flip (see scan) is a funky northern tune. Both sides are written by the same songwriters. Maybe D.Wolf is one of the singers. Who knows?

October 14, 2009

Arthur Conley Unpluged on Dutch TV

YouTube Original Post Link

Mp3 extracted from the video clip without the intro

UNPLUGED Arthur Conley – Nothing Can Change This Love (Dutch TV)

October 13, 2009

Soul Stirrers ft Martin Jacox - Lift Him Up '89


lots of goodies over there

August 16, 2009

Sven Zetterberg, Blue Eyed Soul from Sweden

Sven has been recording since 1975.
Above are 3 of his cd covers. Follow the above link to his official site and a discography.

Say It’s Not You – Sven Zetterberg

August 12, 2009

Calvin Richardson Promo received

I received this email:
Hello how are you doing. My name is Kush and I've been checking out your writing over time related to music. I really like Ben The Ballader and think it's a great site.
I work at Ingrooves music distribution in marketing, finding folks who appreciate good music and providing them with connections to artists, promos, and good underground ( and occasionally more mainstream) stuff.

Today i have a really nice thing here from Soul singer Calvin Richardson, here i have a free track and info sheet that you can post, podcast, put in your blog, or review.
Things I'm really into and have good promos from are neosoul, electro hipster party dance stuff, disco,dancehall, and much more. Artist I've sent promos out for lately have been Adam Freeland, Movado, Mj Cole, Nightmares on Wax, Nickodemus, and many more.
I'd love to find a way to work with you, connect you to any artists you want to interview or learn more about, and provide you with information and just plain good music. Hope to speak soon.


Promo song by Calvin Richardson

I'm leaving it up to you to comment on this singer

August 10, 2009

Candi Staton - That's How Strong My Love I


August 08, 2009

# 1 in Suriname & The Netherlands

A composition by Damaru.

Damaru wrote this song for his 3 months old daughter.
The lyric says
"I have little garden in my heart just for you little black rose"

The songs became an instand hit in Suriname. During an interview Damaru said that the dutch singer Jan Smit was one of his idols. He loved his lyrics and his songs and wanted to do a duet with him.
That was not said to def mans ears and soon there duet of the song was released in Holland and reach #1 within a week.

Duet with Jan Smith

Part of the sales of this song go to SOS kinderdorp, which is an organization that helps orphan children to grow up in a family.

Download link

August 01, 2009

The Independents - The First Time We Met Wand'72

I've added a bonus track from 1974.
Sorry if the pictures are a bit square, I have a cheap camera
and don't have an A3 scanner.

The mp3 quality may not be super. I had just started experimenting.

Full Album with bonus track by The Independents

July 29, 2009

The Violinaires - Please Answer This Prayer Checker LPS-10040 '67

The Violinaires in 1967. Picture from the back cover of the album titled Shout!

I've posted a song by them before from there 1984 Album on Malaco.

previous post

The Violinaires - Please Answer This Prayer Checker LPS-10040 '67

Willie Hightower - Time Has Brought About A Change

Willie Hightower has been compared with Sam Cooke most of his career. Listening to his songs you can easily understand why.
Willie recorded for labels like Capitol, Fame, Fury, Enjoy, Mercury, Sound Stage 7 and Adventure One.
Today's songs is his own composition released on the Fame label in 1970.
It can be found on this CD and has widely been seen as a followup on "A Change Is Gonna Come".
GET THE CD you won't be sorry

Willie Hightower CD $7

Willie Hightower - Time Has Brought About A Change

Willie Nelson - Any Old Arms Won't Do

Balladeer goes country

My first records where country albums, Charlie Pride to be exact.
But then the deep soul ballads kicked in.

Any Old Arms Won’t Do – Willie Nelson

July 15, 2009

Charles Berry - Time_Jetstream 708b '65

I'm back, I've solved the problems with a new sound card
I've seen that some of my posts including my now photo shopped label scans are posted on other blogs.
I'm honored,................. but is a link to original blog that hard for you to include in your post.

Charles Berry – Time_Jetsream 708b ‘65

May 18, 2009

Dobby Dobson - Cry A Little Cry Gaydisc 9 '63

Dobby Dobson Biography

One of Jamaica's most beloved singers, Dobby Dobson has had a long-running career, but his name has been permanently twinned with 1967's self-penned "I'm a Loving Pauper." Born in Kingston in 1945, Dobson entered the music industry via the island's popular talent show circuit. In 1960, he paired up with Chuck Josephs, and under the moniker Chuck & Dobby they cut their debut single, "Cool School," for Duke Reid. Over the next two years, the pair recorded a steady stream of hits. With the duo's demise, Dobson joined forces with a group of college friends as the Deltas, cutting "Cry a Little Cry" for Linden Pottinger in 1963, another huge hit for the singer. Several more popular 45s followed that year, all credited to Dobson alone. The following year, the singer was fronting the Sheiks, a band featuring pianist Jackie Mittoo, then in 1965 he linked up with Rupie Edwards and Junior Menz in the Virtues. With the rise of rocksteady, Duke Reid's Treasure Isle was the place to be, and Dobson cut a clutch of excellent singles there, including "Pauper" and the equally successful "Trouble Jim." In 1968, though, the singer was back at Studio One, where he cut such hits as "Seems I'm Losing You." It was his old bandmate, Rupie Edwards, however, who would oversee his biggest. Dobson's 1972 cover of "That Wonderful Sound" was a smash right across the Caribbean, the best-selling single of its time.

Buoyed by that success, Dobson now began self-producing his own singles as well as continuing to cut 45s for others. His debut album, Wonderful Sound, arrived in 1977, with 1978's Sweet Dreams following hot on its heels. A split festive set with Ringo, Sweet Christmas, provided holiday cheer. Dreams, incidentally, was not a reggae set; instead, it was filled with lovely ballads, and although Dobson continued having hits during this period in Jamaica, the roots scene passed him by entirely, at least as a vocalist. In the mid-'70s, Dobson was working at Federal Studio, running the auditions for new talent. While there, he discovered the Meditations and produced their earliest singles, as well as 1978's Message from the Meditations and Wake Up albums. Dobson also oversaw Barrington Levy's 1977 recording debut (with the Mighty Multitude), "Fi Me Black Girl." Even after immigrating to the States in 1979, Dobson's career continued apace, with 1982's "Sweetheart" nearly breaking into the British chart. Even so, the singer's output slackened notably during this decade, although live appearances at reggae festivals kept his profile high. The '90s were far more productive, kicked off with Studio One's roundup of oldies Through the Years, with new material arriving on 1994's At Last and 1997's If I Only Had Time set. Released in 2000, VP's Vintage Series roundup featured the Donovan Germaine-produced hit "Words." That same year, the death of Dobson's mother led to a crisis of faith, and the singer was born again. Since then, he's continued to record, but now concentrates exclusively on Christian music.
from All Music Guide
I just noticed that the link was dead, sorry,
updated it
let me know if there are other dead links

Ooops, looks like it's been removed by Mediafire for some violation
and they did not even send me a message

if you do want the song send me an email and I'll send it to you

April 22, 2009

Patti La Belle & The Blue Belles - Go on (This Is Goodbye)_ Newtown NT-5007b '62

Can be found on the Relic CD "Down The Isle"
Go On (This Is Goodbye) – Patti La Belle & The Blue Nelles

Blue Belles Info link

March 09, 2009