November 23, 2007

Bobby Hendricks - Go On Home Girl (Williams001b)

Bobby Hendricks, once was a member of the the Drifters when he replaced Johnny Moore in 1957, before that he shortly was the lead for a group Bill Pickney started called The Flyers, and before all of that he had a short stay with The Swallows without any real success.
You can hear Bobby singing and sounding like Clyde McPhatter on the Drifters song "Suddenly There's A Valley"
The flip-side of todays 45 is a very good ballad also with the tittle "She Used To Hold Me".
Hendricks is best known for his releases on the Sue label:

Sue 45 Discography

November 21, 2007

The Maytalls - Are You Mine (Studio One) '65

The Maytals are one of my favorite Jamaican groups. They started in 1962 and where a 3 member group.
There first record was a gospel ska tune "Hallelujah". In the beginning almost all there songs where religiously orientated.

The Maytals are: Frederick"Toots" Hibbert, Nathaniel McCarthy (aka Jerry Matthias) and Henry "Raleigh" Gordon.

They had many lovely ballads. A few of my favorites are: The Preacher; You're a Traitor; Daddy both the '64 and '72 version; My Darling; Don't Let.

Download>>>>>>>>> “Are You Mine – The Maytals

November 18, 2007

Hank Mullen - Listen (Audel 362b)

This is a song, which I don't have as an original, it's a real deepie.
Many soul ballads during the 70's where put on boot albums my the Suriname Soul Collectors. These albums where mostly made in Belgium.

The "original" single is now being sold. If you're interested here's the link:

Listen by Hank Mullen GET IT HERE