July 01, 2008

Lattimore Brown with Roscoe Shelton - I Know I'm Gonna Miss You

I read some amazing news today over at Jason Stone's Stepfatherofsoul blog and Red Kelly's A-side & B-side blog.

Lattimore Brown who was believed to be dead since the 80's is still alive and well, read about it over at the above blog's.

^ read more about the "LOST SOUL MAN" ^

Now that's what we call BREAKING NEWS. I can't wait for the follow up on this story. Jason & Red you both did a great job AND it's true we all are tools in GOD'S hands.
Keep up the good work.

Lattimore Brown with Roscoe Shelton – I Know That I’m Gonna Miss You

Don't they sound great !!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ben, for directing me to Lattimore's story. I can't believe this is true! Sadly, though, this is another example of how great talents as Lattimore's end up forgotten in some forsaken corner of this country.