July 25, 2008

Johnny Honeycutt - Advice On Man's Love Life Fury-415'74

My kids are one a 4 week vacation in Suriname and for the first time in 6 years I'm all alone. I was looking forward to it, but now they are gone the house is so empty and I feel lost. So I'm out a lot, working, trying to find some great vinyl and stuff like that. But it looks like the whole of the Netherlands is on vacation and there's not much activity. So in the coming weeks don't expect to much posting, will try to do at least one a week.

One of my blog visitors send me an email asking for this song, it was a great hit among Suriname people.
The follow up is more of the same (see scan below)


JRP said...

Greetings from Brazil!
Lovely, lovely and adorable blog!
I will stay here forever!
Maybe we can share some musics...
Do you want something from brazilians band? Or do you want to know something new?
Please, keep posting!
Ans thanks for sharing!

Ben The Balladeer said...

Hi JRP, thanks for you nice comment. I'm from Suriname so I know something about music from Brazil but I don't collect it. I have some ripped albums from Roberto Carlos (from 1963 until 1974 I think), he was very popular back home.
I'm always interested in finding/discovering new music. If you visited all my Blogs you see my main interests. What I also love is Traditional Mariachi music from Mexico (not the modern stuff)