June 23, 2008

Delroy Wilson & ????? - It's A Sin

Young Delroy Wilson

Delroy Wilson was part of the duo's Higgs (Joe Higgs) & Wilson and Delroy & Paulette (Paulette Williams of the Williams sisters).
He also teamed up with Jennifer Lara & Hortense Ellis.

I could not find any information on who the lady is singing this song with Delroy, but comparing the voice with other songs I have I'm almost sure it must be Paulette Williams.
Delroy recorded his first song "If I had a beautiful day" at the age of thirteen for Clement "Coxsone" Dodd.

The song can be found on the above CD.

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Anonymous said...

---Delroy Wilson was part of the duo's Higgs (Joe Higgs) & Wilson---

This is NOT !!!!!!!

It joke me too..but it is definitely no true..he is Roy Wilson, another singer, more old then Delroy that he burn in '48 while instead the duo's songs are from 1957 !!

Saludos and however my compliments for your Blog..