November 30, 2007

Lloyd Williams With Chores & The Tommy McCook Band - Sad Sad World (Dutchess 104a)'66


This one is a real deepie.

Could not find anything about the singer but lots of info on Tommy McCook. What a band and the chores really gives this deep ballad an extra dimension (with the small contribution they have, you wished they did more)
It does not get more soulful then this one and Lloyd really does it, a real deep soul ballad in the Jamaica way.

"Tommy played on the tenor saxophone and flute with the Skatalites and the Supersonics, who were the Duke Reid session band at Treasure Isle recording studios. Tommy lead the band and was also the musical arranger, he helped to develop Rock Steady and Reggae. Born in 1927 he attended Alpha Boys School in Kingston Jamaica, a breeding ground for great musicians. He emigrated to the Bahamas in 1954 where he developed his musical skills, which were jazz influenced. Came back to Jamaica in 1962, in 1964 he joined the Skatalites who broke up in late 1965."

Read the whole story from the man himself

Lloyd Williams – Sad Sad World

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, just came acrosss your site.......some wonderful choons, This one is wicked.....

Yeah I love them old ballads, my parents are from Guyana so I grew up listening to alot of them kind of choons....

Will be playing them some of your boss selections.