December 03, 2007

Johnny Nash - (Looks Like) The End Of The World (ABC-Paramount 45-10137b)

  • (Looks like) The End Of The World
  • Don't Take Away Your Love
  • My Dear Little Sweetheart
  • A Thousand Miles Away
  • Helpless
  • I Need Someone To Stand By Me
  • I've Got A Lot To Over Darling
  • Let's Move And Groove (Together)
  • Moment Of Weakness
  • Ol' Man River
  • The Voice Of Love
  • Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
  • Too Proud
  • The Wish
  • Teardrops In The Rain
  • I'm Leaving
  • Talk To Me
To name a few

So many great songs, and all everybody (not coming from Suriname) ever talks about when you mention his name are his "reggae songs".

In my humble opinion a greatly underrated singer.
Some of the labels Nash released on are; ABC Paramount, Groove,Epic, MGM, Warner Bros, Argo, Joda, JAD, Cadet.

Information on albums & cd released, just click and see the comments on some releases

Today's song is a sweet ballad.
Nash was enormeously popular back home in Suriname. During the whole of the 60's you could hear his songs on the several radio stations daily. They loved his sweet style and voice.



AnnaKonda said...

Thanks for posting this song. I always loved his clean, mellow tenor voice. And Ben you are so right by posting a lesser known song by him. Maybe you can follow up this post by a few more ...


Anonymous said...

So nice to know that someone other than myself is familiar with Johnny's version of "A Thousand Miles Away."

I heard it in my hometown of Seattle in 1961 and ran right out to buy it. It didn't become a hit, though, and even after owning/operating a record store in Seattle for 21 years in the '70's-'90's, I never encountered anyone else who ever heard of it.

I loved that version just as much as I did the Heartbeats'--one of my Top 3 favorite songs of all time.

Raphy said...

Thanks friend. Can you also post Teardrops In The Rain

Big Up!@!