December 07, 2007

After All - If You Need Me (Negram 408a) '73

Blue Eyed Soul.

This song was released by a dutch group. I could not find any information on other releases or the group itself.
"If You Need Me" was a huge hit for them in '73, it reached # 1 in South Africa.

After All – If You Need Me (Negram 408a)’73


Anonymous said...

my dad was the drummer during 1 year and his niece singer. both not for a long time. but there great

Anonymous said...

Gerrit Trip was the singer of the band "AFTER ALL" in the early 70's (1972 / 1976)They had a great time together.

Anonymous said...

Other releases were: Help me my love (another South-African hitsingle),My Girl, Hitshot and Tupulev. Enschede, Holland based band. Players through the years were: Ipo Oosterhuis-guitar, Eddy Becker-bass,Fred Fähnrich-keyb, Janette Fähnrich-vocals and violin,Johnny Ekkelboom-sax,Gerrit Trip -lead vocals,Ben hesselink-keyb, Henk Zweers-drums, Chris Broer-sax.

Anonymous said...

Yeah and Bertie whas socalled drummer of this band but to shame,togethere with Ed Becker they ended in havey drugs criminality.
So where were their prioritys. They both fucked op the whole concept off After All.
To bad for a in potentionel a great band