November 12, 2007

Wendy Alleyne - Midnight Blue (Wirl508-1)'76

There's not very much information on this lady. The latest news on Wendy is that she has been selected and has received "The Living Legend Award" on Jan 2007 at the Barbados Music Awards.

Wendy to me is mostly known for her beautiful ballads and her lovely voice. I know she has an album with most of her ballads from the period of this record but I could never find it.Update Oct 13 (I did not feel sure when I wrote down the previous sentence, cause somewhere in the back of my mind it did not seem right, but I could not find the album, it took me a while but I finally found it............... hidden somewhere between the other goodies)

Part of Front Cover

The Dynamics(Part Of Back Cover)

Additional information will be added as soon as I have it.

Wendy AlleyneMidnight Blue


judith said...

well Ben

It is nice ot know that someone still remembers Wendy. I am actually her 2nd second and I have for many years heard about her and her songs but have never gotten the opportunity to met the lady behind the music. Well I am currently living in New York and if you wish to contact me, my email address is As you see I also have an email address with her name, as a token of acknowledging her.....



Peter said...

HI Ben and Judith, good news Wendy Alleyne is doing a concert in her home town after almost twenty years. please see the link for more info: