October 15, 2007

Toots Hibbert - Love Attack (Mango)

A Jamaican - US connection
Today a song that's deep as deep can be. A song from the 1988 album "Toots In Memphis".
Toots pulls out the best he has, what a voice.
Toots (Frederick Hibbert) one of the 3
Maytals, started singing at an early age. He tried to record as a solo artist, so where his 2 later partners, but they where kicked out of every recording studio when they auditioned. But after these three guys joined up, they where to hot to handle. There first release the religious orientated "Hallelujah' was a smash ska hit.Toots sang many emotional deep ballads with the Maytals in there early days, but on this one his voice, to me is the best.
One of those early ballads was "Daddy" which became world known in 1972, but it's original Jamaican release was in 1964.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed a great version, the man's got a raw voice. Did not know about this version of Toots. Thanks for letting me/us know.