January 08, 2008

Eddie Holloway - I Am The One('78 and '91 version)

Sorry for neglecting you the past few weeks, but I'm in the middle of reorganizing my music and it's taking longer then I had expected.
Before I turn in (it's 2 am) I want to at least put in a link for you to download a song or two, I'll put in a scan tomorrow. If you don't mind.

Todays song is among my favorites (the'78 version). My kids always complain when I play this song, cause for about 4 minutes and a few seconds I'm alone in this world and I pump up the volume.
What a great deep soul ballad.
Eddie has redone the song in 1991, I'll put both versions in a nice zip for you.

Holloway also was a member of the "Soul Pleasers" who released "I Found A Love" on the Living Legend Label.
Sir Shambling was so kind to send me a copy of that song (still looking for the 45). Thanks again John.

Eddie Holloway – I Am The One (2 versions ZIP)

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