November 16, 2007

Laurel Aitken - Woke Up This Morning

This man does not need an introduction. A born Cuban he moved to Jamaica at the age of 11 in 1938. He has been recording since the early 50's and is still going strong.
But if you're interested in more information checkout his website:

This song is from the 1969 album on Economy ( a Pama records production).
I'm mostly into his ballads and early ska songs ( but that should not be a surprise to you).

My favorite song by him is "I can't stand it".

I was looking for that song for ages, I knew from the "Suriname Collectors Scene" that it was a great ballad. But I never heard the song.

So one day I visited a record seller I had gotten to know at a record fair.
The first record I saw hanging on the wall of his studio was................. you guest right "I Can't Stand It by Laurel Aitken on the original Giant label".

After I found out he did not like the record and it was there just for decoration it got included in the trade.



Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

you did it again! Another beautiful "obscure" ballad that needed to see the light of day. (smile) I love it.
Thanaks for posting it.


Anonymous said...

Listened to this song every day since my beautiful girl decided no more... A good remedy..